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1.My paintings start in other images. While the sources vary from found photographs to the anonymous sprawl of the internet to other painters' paintings*, the subject is the mutability of images. I'd like to add to the stream of reproductions, versions**, recreations, and interpretations by appropriating and transforming images, creating another layer to a history of representation I can't see head-on (think: a knife cutting itself), but desire to deconstruct.
Lately, I am drawn to the crystalline nature of an image. As aggregates for ideas---how easily images are degraded, changed, rendered meaningless and/or forced into new meanings.

2. Paint! Itself! How every painting is more familiar and difficult.

3. Yes, it moves too fast. Yes, it is always night.

*I attempt to create without a hierarchy of "worthy" images to paint.
**See: Wizard of Oz---Horse of a Different Color