SLOW YOUTH brings together five artists working in unique mediums, from drawing to photographs to collage and comics. Anthony Cudahy creates a series of drawings around the theme of terror. Bridget Collins’ section features photographs and collage that creates feelings of nostalgia and fear. Garrett Young (Doctopmaru)’s contribution is a surreal comic with demonic undertones. Kris Mukai features a disjointed narrative weaving through a desolate city. Chris Nosenzo’s photographs were inspired by the chance find of a book outlining ten philosophical mistakes. 48-pages and printed via Risograph, each section is a different color. The book comes with two fold-out posters.

8" x 11", 48 pages.

SLOW YOUTH is available at Printed Matter, Desert Island, and Bergen Comics. There are also a few copies at Un Regard Moderne in Paris, France.